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What is COVID Quick Screen (CQS)?

  • Simply put, CQS is a self-assessment & screening tool for checking and tracking COVID-related symptoms of your participants and/or employees.

  • CQS is not intended to diagnose any medical issues related to your participants, rather it is simply a way to ensure that all of your participants and employees are self-screening before they participate in any activity.  You, as the administrator or employer can decide on how you want your members to proceed after taking their assessment.

  • CQS displays a simple PASS FAIL depending on how your participants answer the self-assessment.  Questions are based on CDC-recommended screening questions for COVID-19.

  • You, as the participant leader or employer, can set the frequency you require self-assessments to occur.  Example, before each practice.  Or, each day or weekly before coming to the office.

  • CQS helps you, the participant leader or employer, be safer running your activities or having people back in the office, knowing that your members have provided a basic self-assessment.  Your members will appreciate it too!

  • CQS is very simple to use.  It only takes each participant or employee less than 15 seconds to complete.  And no more paper tracking forms!

  • Help protect your organization in the re-opening process.

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