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  • Easy to read PASS / FAIL indicator.


  • Easy dashboard view with status of all your users.

  • Based on assessment questions.

  • Custom Questions & Custom Responses to add to your org's assessment.

  • Self and Admin temperature entry.

  • Alerts to account owner for failed user assessments.

  • No more fumbling around with paper tracking!

  • Comply with State regulations to keep track of screening assessments during re-opening.  

  • Adults (parents/guardians) can attach a child/minor account to theirs and do screenings on their behalf.

  • Upload waiver or other documents for users to acknowledge.

  • Allow additional admins on your account to help you conduct and manage screenings.

  • See reports online and export to Excel.

  • White label with your logo.

  • Invite users easily with a code specific to your organization.

  • Unlimited Guest screens for FREE.

  • All data stored securely.

  • Affordable for all types of businesses.

Screen Shots

User Entry Screen


User PASS Screen

user pass.JPG

User FAIL Screen

user fail.JPG

Admin Screen