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  • Who is Civilience?  Civilience, LLC is now the parent company of Covid Quick Screen, LLC.  Nothing will change regarding your account, your pricing, or terms of use and privacy policy.  Civilience is a health security and screening platform that combined with Covid Quick Screen, LLC can offer better products and services in this fight against COVID-19.

  • Is your data kept secure?  Yes.  The user data we collect is only visible to the account/organization owner and we do not share or send that data to anyone (both internal or external) under any circumstances.  The account/organization owner is the only one who can see their user's data.  All data is encrypted while in transit as well as in rest.  All services are provided securely over HTTPS.  We also regularly back up our encrypted database and we conduct periodic security reviews of our platform.  


  • Are you HIPAA complaint?  While we are not governed by HIPAA because we are not a medical facility or provider, we have taken it upon ourselves to use only HIPAA eligible services in our data hosting platform (Amazon Web Services).  We leverage Amazon's HIPAA eligible services where appropriate.

  • Are you FERPA compliant?  Our compliance with FERPA is as follows; data standards for access controls, data encryption, PCI, and other standards for data protection comply with FERPA guidelines.  In addition, and while we are not storing educational records, our system provides a parent/child account setting.  This setting allows the parents access to the child's assessment information for their child only.  In addition, a child's data can be viewed by the account/organization owner, per school requests under FERPA (34 CFR § 99.31).

  • Do you store credit card data?  No.  We do not store any credit card data on our website.  We use a nationally recognized payment provider (Stripe) to process all payments securely.  We are PCI-DSS compliant.

  • Do you require a signed contract to use Covid Quick Screen?  No.  We bill monthly, and you can stop at any time.

  • What happens if we have a large amount of users, can we upload them into the system?  Yes.  We can upload the users for you.  Please contact us during your account setup for assistance.

  • How long does it take to get started?  You can setup your account in about 15 minutes.  Depending on how quickly your users respond to your invitation to join and sign up, will determine how quickly you can begin doing assessments.​​